Saturday, 21st July, 2018

Annealing and Pickling Lines

Danieli FATA Hunter remains at the leading edge of technology for anneal and pickle processing of stainless steel and other specialty metals including silicon steel, titanium, nickel and special alloys. For over 40 years, Danieli FATA Hunter has built or extensively modified more than 30 annealing and pickling lines throughout the world.

The Danieli FATA Hunter annealing and pickling lines can be designed for hot rolled, cold rolled or as a combination of both hot and cold rolled material.

Danieli FATA Hunter's innovations include:
  • Fuel-efficient furnaces for high quality annealing properties
  • Versatile descaling systems utilising electrolytic neutral salt, mixed acid and/or sulfuric acid pickling technology
  • Intermediate brush section
  • Multiple cascade rinse
  • Programmable and computerised controls
  • Precise tension and tracking control.