Wednesday, 19th December, 2018


The New Generation in Caster Roll Shell Technology providing Superior Performance, Optimum Quality and Longer Life for All Twin Roll Continuous Casting Lines


The OptishellTM manufacturing process is years ahead of the competition, as each step is carefully controlled using only superior grade materials under the highest quality standards.
From the initial pouring of the ingot to the final refined ladle re-melt, extensive quality control procedures are in place, ensuring clean metal. The re-melt process undergoes an extensive refined Vacuum Arc Degassing (VAD) treatment.
Following this process only the ingots that are free from micro- and macro-segregations are selected, as these ingots will guarantee the highest resistance to thermo-mechanical fatigue after the hardening and tempering treatment.
Particular care is given to ingot dimensions, shape and weight to ensure that the proper size is achieved for the forging and final machining.