Saturday, 21st July, 2018

Push Pull, Semi Continuous and Continuous Pickling Lines

The capabilities and environmental compliance have made Danieli FATA Hunter a world leader in building new and modernising push-pull, semi-continuous and continuous pickling lines.
Danieli FATA Hunter's pickling process features prime strip surface quality at short pickling times, low acid consumption with waste acid control and optimised equipment design for lower installation and operating costs.

Danieli FATA Hunter has pioneered the use of the following innovations:
  • HCL acid pickling
  • Turbulent DynaJETTM pickling process system
  • Danieli FATA Hunter flat tank system
  • Closed loop HCL compact pickling system
  • High pressure spray headers
  • Non-stain rinse section
  • In-line surface conditioning mills for push-pull pickle lines.