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News - 2017

JANUARY 2017 - Eurometal SA Poland cold rolling mill and tension leveling line

The new equipment supplied by Danieli FATA Hunter will make the facility one of the most modern aluminium rolling plants in Europe

Danieli FATA Hunter has supplied and installed a cold rolling mill and a tension leveling line at the Eurometal greenfield plant located in the new Kleszczów Industrial Park in Poland.

All the equipment for this new plant has been selected on the basis of its innovative and advanced design to make the facility one of the most modern, efficient and environmentally friendly aluminium rolling plants in Europe.

The cold rolling mill has been designed to produce 120,000 tons per year of aluminium coils, coming from two casting machines, twin-rolls type, with a thickness of 10 to 6 mm and rolled down to a minimum thickness of 0.15 mm at a maximum speed of 1200 m/min. with a maximum strip width of 2.1 meters.

It is equipped with some of the new features developed by Danieli FATA Hunter, like the induction heating system for the tight edges control, a new VOC emission control to guarantee low emissions -required by the European Community-, and a rolling oil recovery and distillation system. A complete Danieli FATA Hunter hSystem® Automation Package with a full set of automatic function implemented for the AGC and AFC controls is also included in the scope of supply.

All the above features will allow the cold rolling mill to roll a wide variety of products from foil stock to can body with tolerances that meet or exceed the quality from world's leading producers.

The tension leveling line continues Danieli FATA Hunter's leadership in leveler design to produce exceptional quality strip while combining an innovative cleaning section that minimizes the use of chemicals employed on conventional lines.

The line is equipped with a complete strip cleaning section, and it integrates a new design of the Danieli FATA Hunter well known amplifier with flex-cassettes. In addition, an embossing machine has been installed on the line for the production of strip with different surface patterns, depending on the market requirements.

Eurometal SA is a leading European supplier of aluminium extrusions. The company belongs to the Eko-Świat Group – a major Polish producer of extrusion billets, primary and secondary alloys, produced with the continuous casting technology.

FEBRUARY 2017 - Danieli FATA Hunter secures two orders in Romania

On 7th February 2017 S.C. ALRO and Danieli FATA Hunter signed two contracts, the first one for the installation of a new plate stretcher and the second one for the upgrade of the cold rolling mill No.2 (CM2).

The new 18MN aluminium plate stretcher represents the most modern Danieli FATA Hunter technology for high quality aluminium plate process ensuring fast start-up and smooth impact for the environment. The supply will include mechanical auxiliary and complete automation system. This facility will be built in Slatina town, Romania.

The plate stretcher shall be used for processing products of very thin plate with high surface quality and high performance requirement for alloys series 1xxx to 7xxx for application ranging from aerospace to marine, defence and commercial transportation.

Plant start-up is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018.

Danieli FATA Hunter has had a long and successful history with ALRO starting in the early 1970's when we supplied three twin roll casters, a cold rolling mill and two foil rolling mills and continued in 2007 with the upgrade of the cold rolling mill. This new project to upgrade the cold mill No.2 (CM2) will further continue this almost 50-year long relationship.

Thanks to Danieli FATA Hunter's supply that will include a complete package of mechanical, fluids, automation and electrical systems as well as the complete supervision of the installation and commissioning, ALRO CM2 will achieve the following goals:

- To greatly improve the sheet gauge and flatness tolerances to current industry standards
- To increase productivity
- To increase mill reliability
- To improve strip dryness.

ALRO is Romania's largest aluminium company whose primary facilities are located in Slatina. These projects will provide them with modern, reliable and easily maintained equipment with excellent performance thus ensuring their position as predominant suppliers of aluminium sheet products.

APRIL 2017 - Steel Dynamics unveils its new Danieli Fata Hunter continuous coil coating line

"The finest line in the world today", at the Columbus Flat Roll Division

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony on March 29, 2017 in the presence of Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.

The new double-coat continuous coil coating line for steel supplied by Danieli Fata Hunter is a 600-fpm (183 mpm) line for the processing of cold rolled, galvanized, pickled hot band and Galvalume® steel coils with a maximum width of 72" (1,829 mm) and a maximum base metal thickness of .076” (1.93 mm). It has a yearly capacity of 250,000 tons of coated steel.

The first coil was produced on December 4, 2016, well ahead of schedule.

During the ribbon cutting ceremony Mark Millett, President and CEO of Steel Dynamics, expressed his appreciation for Danieli’s continued commitment and innovation. He said: “As typical of our company, the project schedule was on an accelerated basis, yet the SDI and Danieli Fata Hunter teams executed admirably, bringing the line in on schedule." Mr. Millett continued "And, I have seen many plants over the years, but must say this has to be the finest line in the world today. The Danieli Fata Hunter team did a phenomenal job. We should all stand very proud".